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High Quality Plastic Name Tags

Name Tags can be perfect promotional items if used correctly. In most cases, the name tag is the first thing a person sees when coming in contact with your employees. There are great chances that the first thing they remember is the name from the name tag and the way it was introduced to them. Therefore putting time and effort in creating the perfect name tag is essential. For a professional look, we always recommend our high end, durable, plastic name tags.

Plastic name tags are sturdy enough to successfully face everyday use without bearing signs of wear and tear. They look like new for a long period of time, which makes them the perfect choice for long time employers and staff members. Also, people working in harsh conditions (wet environment, powerful light, outdoors, etc.) will find plastic name tags much more appropriate than their paper counterparts. 

Next Day Badge's Plastic Name Tags are made of high quality plastic, which guarantees their long life and their great looks. Yet, their price is relatively low, so that no matter how many times your employees get promoted, they will not make an impact on your budget. We hold the secret of inexpensive, but extremely durable plastic name tags. Create your own high quality plastic name tag here and you will be delivered a great looking name tag that will successfully represent your company’s vision.