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Medical Name Tags and Name Badges

Medical Name Tags and Name Badges


medical name badges

Medical Name Tags and Name Badges are compulsory for any medical institution which respects its clients and cares about its image. They offer an identity to all those people wandering on the corridors and help avoid confusions. Furthermore, a medical name badge can help save a life or offer rapid relief from pain, as patients know exactly whom they should address to solve their problems. Medical name tags and name badges can also fulfill a security function, by filtering the persons entering the medical unit and devising the people in the building of employees and visitors.

Medical name tags should follow some basic guidelines, such as to be informative (to state the person’s name and function), to be visible, to have a good contrast and be durable. At Next Day Badges we make sure each one of those requirements are fulfilled and our clients are satisfied with the end result. Our medical name badges are sturdy, so that they will not have to be replaced. They are visible and informative, so that patients will know exactly to whom they are talking and are low priced so that any medical unit can afford them. Also, each one of our medical name tags and name badges are customizable to perfectly fit your medical institution’s requirements.

At Next Day Badges you can personalize your name badge in accordance with your medical unit’s colors/image. You can also have differently designed name tags for the people working inside the unit (front desk clerks, nurses, doctors, visitors, etc.). Just specify your preferences and we will transform them into the perfect medical name tags or name badges.

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